The participants of summer school will get to know with the lifecycle of growth and processing of Latvian forest – starting from planting trees and ending with manufacturing different wood products. Hence, it shall be possible to cognize with Latvian forests industry’s specifics, traditions and the value of nature. In the lectures, workshops and trips around Latvia and with active participation in forest-related organizations, summer school participants will improve their knowledge in forest husbandry, logging and woodwork manufacturing principles. Meanwhile, participants will learn to distinguish the recreation cycles of forest industry, practice to realize interactive ideas by making an environmental object that would attract a larger part of society to educate about the industry of Latvian forest.


The Summer School will take place in Jelgava.


Tasks that shall accomplish the objective of the international summer school:

  • explore the principles of forest planting and forest care and the implemented practice in Latvia,
  • explore the forest economic activities and transport logistics to wood processing plants,
  • explore Latvian forest processing with respect to manufacturing primary and secondary products and examples of good practice,
  • attend lectures on forest husbandry, logging and processing of wood and its practice in Latvia,
  • collect information about the Latvian forest sector natural resources value prominence with respect to social, ecological and economic perspectives

Participants Fee

The fee including registration, tuition, accommodation, meals and social programs is EUR 711. A number of bursaries are available (deadline April 27, 2017).

Academic credits

Participants of the Summer School will be awarded a Certificate from the Latvian University of Agriculture and 3 ECTS points upon completion of the course.

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