8th July Arrival

17.00 Dinner

9th July 9.00 Breakfast


Summer School Opening

Topic: Forest Industry and basic platform of knowledges

·     Lecture: Forest sector, higher education, wood species and wood typology

Jelgava sightseeing

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Introduction – participants about themselves and they countries

10th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: Forestry in Latvia

·     Lecture: Introduction on Forestry in Latvia in cooperation with FSRI Silava

·     Lecture: Forestry in practice in cooperation with FSRI Silava

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Discussion

11th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: Plants for Forests

·     Lecture: Arboretum Kalsnava

·     Lecture: Seeds and plants

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Discussion

12th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: Forest Utilization

·     Lecture: Forest Utilization – theory and practice

·     Lecture: Visit to a sawmill

·     Lecture: Visit to the Mērsrags Port and timber product export stock

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Group workshop and discussion

13th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: How good is wood?

·     Lecture: Opened Laboratories

·     Lecture: Wooden Games

·     Lecture: Factory visits and experience in a park

17.00 Dinner

18.00 Discussion

14th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: National park Tērvete and the Wooden Project

·     Lecture: Latvian State Forests

·     Lecture: Recreation of Forests in Latvia

·     Lecture: What can you find in forests?

·     Designing Wooden Structures

13.00 Group workshop

18.00 Dinner

15th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: Wooden Riga sightseeing

·     Lecture: Insight in the ancient Latvian building traditions in the Open-Air Museum in Riga

·     Lecture: Old Riga – Wooden Riga

·     New Riga – the Capital of Latvia

18.00 Dinner

16th July 9.00 Breakfast

Topic: Designing Wooden Structures – visualizations and presentations

11.00 Group work

16.00 Final presentations and discussion

17.00 Graduation ceremony

17th July 9.00 Breakfast

Private time to enjoy Latvia’s nature

18.00 Dinner

18th July 9.00 Breakfast

Day of departure

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